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Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.
Charles W. Eliot
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About Pomegranate Books


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Pomegranate Books, the largest independent bookstore in Wilmington, NC, opened in 2005 in the little white house with red shutters at the corner of Park & Kerr, near UNCW.  Pomegranate primarily stocks literature, local & North Carolina authors, Wilmington history, children's books, Women's studies, health, style, narrative non-fiction and biography, poetry, and popular science. 

Customers enjoy browsing the small, but well-curated and frequently changing used-books sections for adults and children. 

Coffee and tea are available for $1 per cup, and comfy chairs spread around the store provide a relaxing place to peruse the shop's selection.  Free public Wi-fi is accessible throughout the shop, including the kitchen and front porch. 

Pomegranate frequently hosts local and national authors for readings, booksignings and workshops.  Events for adults and children fill up the calendar each month.

Pomegranate Books Staff

Kathleen Jewell, owner, is a retired physician with interests in writing, women's studies, social issues and beekeeping. 

Catherine Schmid, staff, travels the world in her free time, and is a voracious reader.

Nell, shop dog, is a 13 year old mutt with a funny hair cut in the summer.  Nell loves following Kathleen around the shop, lying behind the cashwrap, and cheese.


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